Diesel Fuel Delivered On-Site 24/7

On-site diesel fuel delivery can be helpful for construction companies in several ways. For one, it can save time and reduce downtime by eliminating the need for employees to travel to a gas station or other fuels supplier. It can also be more convenient, as fuel can be delivered directly to the job site, potentially reducing the need for storage tanks and other equipment.

Additionally, onsite fuel delivery can help ensure that a company always has a sufficient supply of fuel on hand, which can be especially important in remote or hard-to-reach locations. 

Every minute out of commission equals less money in your pocket.  Pilgrim Oil is here to make sure that construction vehicles such as front end loaders, bulldozers, and more are fueled on site.

On-site diesel takes away the hassle of stopping construction and prolonging the job in order to fill up tanks or refuel generators.  Whether your trucks are parked for the night, or on a job site ready to start the day, our team is on call 24/7 to keep your diesel tanks filled.

On-site diesel fuel delivery offers construction and trucking companies a range of benefits beyond mere convenience. From cost savings and emergency preparedness to environmental considerations and regulatory compliance, partnering with a reliable fuel delivery group service like Pilgrim Oil can lead to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved project outcomes.

Pilgrim Oil has joined forces with Diesel for Less which can provide both on-site diesel fuel and fleet fuel for all of your construction needs.  Our refueling services will help your company be more efficient while also saving you money.  On-site fueling reduces operating costs and increases productivity while keeping our priority on you to constantly deliver one time, wherever you need us, whenever you need us.

Discount diesel fuel is available throughout our coverage area which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and more.  We are constantly expanding our on-site diesel distribution locations and soon will be covering the entire Eastern seaboard.

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